Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Component parts

Here then are the component parts of yesterday's image - I started out with this rather wobbly shot of a full moon. It's rubbish in terms of a photograph but turned into a Photoshop brush the contrast seems to work well. This was my base using a sort of creamy putty colour on a black background. The next stamp was of these roses . . . . . .
And then a stamp of this old postcard below. What constantly amazes me is how such incongrous and often mundane images add up to what they do when I put them all together. I've worked so deliberately for so long, this spontenaeity is lovely. It feels so free. When I first began to experiment with abstracts I used to splash the paint and ink around with great abandon and often the best things I produced were the first things onto the paper. But I think I distrusted that instinct because it seemed almost like cheating. Like if I didn't sweat and agonise over it it wasn't really art or wasn't really worth anything. Then came the many years where I was learning how to use the various mediums I tried. I also began to have ideas about why I was making art and what I was trying to say with it. I learnt during that time that anything I really sweated and agonised over didn't really add up to anything, it would have a kind of dead feel to it. And now full circle perhaps, going with whatever comes up. How nice after all these years.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Something Strange

This is weird. Makes me feel all funny just looking at it, I've no idea what it can be. Where the hell does all this stuff come from? I need to live with this for a while I think, look at it a bit more. As always it manages to be greater than the sum total of it's parts.Later or tomorrow I will post up thye component parts its made of.
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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Sort of Victorian?

Actually I'm not sure what this is or what it's like. I started with a scan of the page below, something my mother gave me. Some random Victorian book with the oddest collection of plates in this nice sepia tone. I isolated this one part of it and converted it to a stamp and then rather idly added the rose. Normally I start with the coloured background and then add coloured layers to that but I'm liking the black and white base. Hmmm, will have to try more of this. Alice is going off down rabbit holes.
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Thursday, 16 July 2009


I wasn't sure if I could repeat what I did with the leaf shadows the other week and heaved the big pot of ferns into the right position in the yard to try and get a good shot of them. The other plant - a Fatsia Japonica - had large quite clear cut leaves whereas the fern is , well, all ferny and less clearly defined in a shadow. The yard is just a concrete base but this lends the picture a really good graininess. In the end you've got to go with what you've got, I don't want to end up being too deliberate or contrived. The verdict is that I like this. Photographing the actual leaves of the plants would give me something else altogether and I'm going to try that too before long. If the rain would stop.
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Friday, 10 July 2009

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Our Lady of the Sea?

If I were doing this again - and no doubt I will - I would change the hideous background colour. I just grabbed the first thing colour wise.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

I'd better stop now. . .

This thing is running away with me, I can feel so much there just under the surface. I could probably sit here at the computer all afternoon doing one after another of these but I'd better not. For one thing I'm getting Mouse Arm. Do you ever get mouse arm or hand? Too long on the computer and my arm goes cold and a bit dead. Not a nice feeling.
This, obviously, has taken another photograph taken off the headland (Berry Head, Brixham) as it's starting point. And the one below, a picture taken of the town. Is it just me or do these look like something else altogether. The top one reminds me of prairie and clouds - the 'clouds' are actually a picture of the sea. The one below seems to have a kind of japanese feel to it though I'd be hard pressed to say just how.
This makes me think of coal mining and industrial landscapes. It's not anything specifically visual but more of a sense or feel. If you have an opinion / think I'm going mad and seeing things after too long in Photoshop, please comment. I'd be interested in feedback.
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Friday, 3 July 2009


This is what I was doing today when I should have been scanning stuff in. Photoshop is the geatest displacement activity in the world and my will is particularily weak at the moment.

This was a photograph taken on the headland looking out at the sea but you can't tell that at all from this. I'm having to learn to keep things simple at the moment. In my life and in my work. There is always the tendency to add unnecessary stuff . Got to have the nerve to just leave it alone. Let's face it, if it doesn't stand on it's own merits then no amount of extra stuff is going to make it work. You know this Whitney-anne, so just let it be!!!

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